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How will we spend the money? 50% of donations will be allocated to the Integrated Preterm Centre

How will we spend the money? 50% of donations will be allocated to the Integrated Preterm Centre

The Fiscal Code and Sponsorship Law Nr. 32/1994, as amended and supplemented, states that firms can redirect up to 20% of their owed income tax to a non-governmental organisation by signing a sponsorship agreement with it, within a limit of 0.5% of their turnover – which will be deducted from their income tax. If your business turns a profit and pays tax, you can sponsor us and the amount you offer will be deducted directly from your owed tax. An example:

If a company’s turnover is 20,000 € and a 1,500 € income tax is owed, it may redirect any amount between a minimum of 0.5% of its turnover (20,000 * 0.5%) = 100 € and a maximum of 20% of its income tax (20% * 1,500) = 300 €.

The facilities for redirecting 20% of your income tax can be found here.

If you need additional information, you can write to us at

What is the procedure for redirecting your 20%?

Establish a sponsorship contract with the Preterm Association. Download it from here.
Fill it in with your company’s data in two copies, sign it, stamp it and send it to Str. Giacomo Puccini, No. 8A, Et. 4, Puccini Offices – the Preterm Association.
In turn, we will sign and stamp it too and send you a copy back through the courier service.


Do you hold a PFA in Romania and want to support the future of preterm babies?

You can direct 2% of your income tax to the Preterm Association by completing the Single Statement concerning income taxes and social contributions payable by individuals.

Download the statement, send it to your accountant, who will further submit it to ANAF and send us a copy at the following email address:, diana.gamulescu@asociatiaprematurilor.roso that you can keep track of the amounts you are redirecting.



If you are the administrator of an IMM registered in Romania, you can support the Preterm Association’s projects by redirecting your income tax. The procedure is very simple. A sponsorship contract will be completed with our NGO, signed, stamped and then sent through a courier to our address.

Download the sponsorship contract here.


The Preterm Association is here to change the future of families with preterm babies, rewrite their lives and give them the chance to have a normal, balanced, healthy life without the obstacles of preterm birth.
We know our plans are great and we need your company’s support.
Donations and sponsorships can be made directly to the account RO68BTRLRONCRT0411176001.
If you need additional information, you can contact us at


Are you a blogger who likes to write? We believe in the power of words and that is why you can support the projects of the Preterm Association by publishing dedicated articles on your webpage.

Are you a journalist who would like to bring the most relevant campaigns for preterm babies in Romania to the public’s attention? You can help us by taking up the banners specific to the active projects or simply by writing about us, about our activities, about our results and about the beneficiaries of the projects of the Preterm Association.

Would you like to support us even more? We should get to know each other then. You can contact us at