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Request the govenment to redirect 2% of the individual income tax to the Preterm Association.

Ce trebuie să faci?
Fill in Form  230 (for other earnings) with your data and you can personally submit it at the desk, by registered letter or send its original copy to us at our address and we will handle its submission for you.

The procedure, step-by-step:

Fill in your own data and do not forget to sign it
Submit your personal form via registered mail to the Public Finance Administration of your home town.
Send the original copy of the form to us (via post or courier) and we will handle its submission for you.

The addresses can be found  here
The deadline for submitting the forms is 31st July 2019, after this date taxpayers will forfeit the redirect and the money will go straight into the state accounts.

Choose wisely where your money goes!


50 babies are born preterm every day in Romania, meaning over 100 families are affected daily by preterm births, involving the fight for their life and months of hospitalisation. Therefore, it is recommended that the early stimulation of the baby should start from maternity, simultaneous with the emotional balancing of the parents.

And, following discharge, a preterm child needs at least 30 therapy sessions to recover or minimise the effects of its preterm birth. Sometimes, these data may change depending on their medical history and birth complications, while their evolution might take years of recovery. Over the past 2 months, the Preterm Association has supported over 50 hours of hospital therapy for 200 families.

How many sessions can you support?

Support 1 therapy session – 70 RON
Support 2 therapy sessions – 140 RON
Support 4 therapy sessions – 280 RON
Support 6 therapy sessions – 420 RON
Support 10 therapy sessions – 700 RON


Our projects would not be possible without the involvement and support of ingenious and generous people who understand that volunteering is a quality, an aptitude, a different way to support the activities of the Preterm Association.
To support a cause is to involve oneself without material and moral support. It means joining people who need you and thus contributing towards changing the future of entire families with preterm babies.


We do not know how many people would choose to donate money to humanitarian causes, but we know there are many people who would choose to help in another way.

Each of our birthdays is a real reason for joy and happiness and we can also offer the same feelings to those who need them.

Did you ever consider that for your birthday party you could suggest to all of your guests to do a good deed and donate the value of your gift to the preterm children of Romania?

A small gesture to change the future of the heroes from neonatology and their entire families!

Be generous and do not forget that your gesture will be imitated by other people who want to do good deeds!


Join the family of those who are doing good for the miniature heroes of Romania. All preterm babies need monthly support during their first years of life. Become a preterm baby’s godparent and donate monthly to the account RO68BTRLRONCRT0411176001 with the mention “Godfather/Godmother”.

Establish a monthly payment to the Preterm Association from your bank account.
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All preterm babies are our children. Thank you!