Empathic communication workshop for NICU medical staff

The workshop is built around the development of communication skills for doctors, assistants and other health professionals working with parents of preterm babies.

Our goal is to support medical staff access to topical information in order to improve their relationship skills with preterm mothers and their families.

In this workshop we approach:

  • Elements of language and thinking that block communication;
  • Basic principles and steps for empathic communication;
  • Assertiveness as a principle of communication;
  • Managing difficult situations, conflicts, and bottlenecks when communicating with assertiveness;
  • Role games and exercises for more effective communication (practical session).

Workshop for psychologists working with preterm mothers

The workshop addresses psychologists working with parents of preterm babies and aims to support them towards understanding this type of trauma more clearly, adequately and deeply.

Participants will come to understand in detail the difficulties that arise in therapy with people who have experienced preterm birth trauma.

They will therefore:

  • Learn to practice verbal and non-verbal ways of working with traumatised parents;
  • Experience the power of art, play, movement, metaphors and stories in understanding and containing trauma, as well as creating new insights into it.