In 2016, over 19,000 children were born preterm in Romania, having birth weights of between 500 g (or less) and 2,500 g, coming into the world between Weeks 28-37. In their struggle for life, they often needed prolonged hospitalisation.

It is said that preterm babies recuperate birth defects by the age of 2, but these theories are false. A preterm child needs to be evaluated, monitored and consistently intervened upon his or her evolution to prevent the problems associated with a preterm birth that occur during their development.

Preterm or long-hospitalised babies need medical monitoring and assessment after discharge at each stage of their development. It is recommended that the babies be examined periodically by a neonatologist and/or paediatrician, then further referred to neuro-motor, psycho-cognitive and ophthalmological examinations, etc.

Throughout the country, families have to travel hundreds of miles to get to specialists, and the cost of caring for these children turns huge. Only the recovery treatments can cost 3,500-4,000 lei/month.

In order to ensure that these children will enjoy a happy and normal childhood, like children born on time do, we aim to support these families and provide them with free services for kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, hypotherapy, speech therapy, ergotherapy, orthosis, surgery, and so on.

Partners who want to invest in the future of these children can offer sponsorships or donations to the account RO68BTRLRONCRT0411176001. The sponsorship law allows companies to perform deductions from their income tax.

Families throughout the country, outside of Bucharest, who need the support of the Preterm Association for such therapies are asked to write to and