The Preterm Association inaugurated Kangaroo Care therapy for the first time in Romania and donated the ergonomic armchairs needed for its implementation to maternities from the capital and other cities from across the country.

Kangaroo Care for babies undergoing intensive care and post-therapy amounts to numerous benefits:

  • Reduces hospitalisation by up to 50%;
  • Improves weight gain;
  • Stabilises the heartrate, blood pressure and breathing;
  • Improves baby nutrition,
  • Decreases mortality rate;
  • Is recognised for its psychological benefits.

Studies show that the babies who have benefited from Kangaroo Care therapy and the presence of their parents for preterm care during hospitalisation have higher cognitive and linguistic scores at the age of 5 years (study published in J. Paediatrics, 2016).

Our NGO made donations to maternities consisting of ergonomic armchairs dedicated to Kangoroo Care therapy that amounted to more than 20,000 lei. More than 1,500 beneficiaries benefit from these donations in the maternities of Bucharest (Polizu, Cantacuzino, Pantelimon, Filantropia), Sibiu, Baia Mare, Constanta and Târgu Mureș.

The Preterm Association encourages, through the campaign #HuggingHeals, all of the Romanian maternities offering grade III neonatal therapy who want to adopt this therapy to contact us in order to expand this service at a national level.

Furthermore, companies or individuals who want to financially support this project can contact us at diana.gamulescu@asociatiaprematurilor.ro.