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Donații: 60,000.00 € / 99,999.00 €


Nina SofianNina Sofian – Psychologist

As a psychologist with 17 years of experience, of which 4 years just in the preterm area, I understand that Harmony stems from having a balanced relationship with yourself and also has an impact on developing a safe attachment relationship with the child and safeguarding the entire family. Psycho-emotional assessments can be done on both the parents and their children right from their birth.

Roxana Tudor – Physiokinesiotherapist

I am a physiotherapist and, ever since I graduated from college, I knew my way in this profession should be in the field of Paediatrics. After 14 years during which I often looked after families with babies, I came to identify myself with the statement by the English paediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Woods Winnicott: “A single baby, that does not exist! When a baby is presented to me, the person taking care of it invariably is too, or at least a cradle to which one’s eyes and ears are drawn. We are in the presence of a mother-newborn couple.

Mirela Pacalici –  Medical Nurse, the Newborn Section, Cantacuzino Intensive Care

My experience with parents who have had babies born preterm in maternities has motivated me to be there for them also on the outside of the medical unit. I joined this project to bring a gram of help, in other to make his first steps in life easier to walk.

adrian-craciunAdrian Craciun – Neonatology Primary Physician, Head of the Neonatology Department, The “Dr. Ioan Cantacuzino” Clinical Hospital

I became involved with this project from a desire to be closer to patients and their needs. My experience in the field has shown that we medics are of real help during the healing process of the babies from Neonatology and this involvement should be continued outside of the hospital. Preterm babies need prolonged attention and periodic evaluations during their recovery process.


In Romania, 10% of all annual births take place preterm, meaning that once every 30 minutes a child is coming into the world faster than anticipated. After the critical days spent in maternity, a preterm baby requires constant visits to doctors and specialists at shorter intervals than a child born on time. A highly hospitalised or preterm baby needs complete medical examinations until the age of 12. In caring for its normal development come more specialists, such as the neonatologist and/or paediatrician doing the medical examinations, the psychologist who exercises him towards developing his intellectual abilities, as well as the kinesiotherapy programs, their recovery sometimes needing years of therapy. The relationship with the specialists must be maintained in the long run until maturity, yet in Romania there is no centre where the child can be evaluated all in one place by several specialists. A parent therefore has to run to several institutions and wait in queues, regardless of the weather or the age of their child.

Within the Centre for Excellence in Prematurity we do FREE assessments of neuro-motor development, psychological evaluations for parents and children, as well as preterm assessments of progress and acquisition after discharge. In addition, the cost of such assessments and interventions exceeds low/average incomes and sometimes families give up on the therapies or medical checks.

Covering all of the operational costs towards ensuring the familial gratuity is valued at 100,000 € for one year. In order to cover the administrative and personnel costs and to provide these services free-of-charge to families with preterm or long-term hospitalised babies, we want to attract as many partners as possible to support us in this endeavour. These can contact us at and can support us by redirecting 20% ​​of their profit tax, through sponsorships or barters.

Was your baby born preterm? Benefit from the FREE services of the Centre for Excellence in Prematurity!